Mandy Navasero

Mandy Navasero is a photographer and a PR communicator holds Mass Com degree from Philippine Women's University, A Master's Degree in English from Ateneo de Manila and a graduate of Professional Photography Major in Illustrative and Advertising at Books Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California, USA. 

My studio services various clients' needs - digital photography combined with public relations [PR], consulting with Digital PR with powerful bloggers on board, and photo safaris to destinations such as Batanes, Coron, Boracay, Bohol, Vigan, Tagaytay and Laguna Loop [day trips] since 1984. Fields of photography covered are: Portraiture, Fashion and Glamour, Architectural, Naturescape and Macro. It will improve skills in photography and will make you stand out as a photographer. Batanes photo safari is a fun adventure. An experience in a lifetime! 

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